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"When he was alone,

the Twelve and the others around him

asked him about the parables.

He told them, ‘The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you.

But to those on the outside everything is said in parables.’”

Mark 4:10-11


"Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing,

but inwardly are ravenous wolves."
Matthew 7:15



According to Mark and Matthew, Jesus personally delivered these two parables - one about "a secret" and "parables," the other about "deceivers." When the two are tied together, Jesus clearly warns that the "Secret of the Kingdom of God" had to be hidden from "those on the outside," some of whom purported to represent Him. This suggests that someone, or some group, who claimed to speak for Jesus actually opposed Him and His "Secret." And Jesus promised to preserve the Secret by hiding it from his adversaries.

Jesus' native language was Aramaic; its 22 letters are all consonants; therefore, the words translated from Greek as, "Secret of the Kingdom of God," are written in Aramaic,

RZ MLKT LHM, and rendered RaZ MaLKuT eLoHiM.


From the time Jesus may have spoken these words to the time Mark and Matthew recorded them, a school in Alexandria, led by the Jewish scholar "Philo" and successors, was teaching the Essenes' method of decoding scriptural secrets. According to Philo (“Every Good Man is Free," XII.82), Old Testament secrets were hidden in "enigmatical modes of expression." It seems reasonable to suspect that Jesus would instruct Mark and Matthew to also employ this method, or one like it, to preserve New Testament Secrets.


In 2002 Gott and Licht discovered Philo's Essene Method of interpreting scripture in the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia; their source was a lecture by heresy-hunter John Bampton (1689-1751), published in 1886 by MacMillan and Company in London as History of Interpretation. Bampton teased six rules for interpreting scripture from Philo's extant essays. However, rather than embracing them he ridiculed them:

“All this ‘madness’ is reduced to ‘method’ by a set of rules,

half Haggadistic, half Stoic, but entirely inapplicable.”


Undaunted by Bampton or the "heretic" label, the authors tested Philo's Method on longstanding questions including "errors and contradictions" identified in the New Testament. The results delivered a staggeringly simple explanation:

There are no errors or contradictions in the New Testament;

each one that has been identified and tested meets Philo's criteria for "enigmas,"

and they have preserved Jesus' biggest secret for two thousand years.


Furthermore, the solutions demand skeptics and scholars to reconsider their opposition to the veracity of biblical stories. When viewed through Philo's lens - the Essene Method of interpretation - a literal history, hidden in the myths and previously untold - appears.


However, Philo's Essene Method for interpreting scripture was never used by the Orthodox Church. In fact, Church Father Irenaeus (150-202) called it "a farce and a falsehood" ("Against Heresies" 1.9.5).  

We ask that you consider this simple exercise in logic:

If an ancient "secret method" of interpreting scripture had been implemented in the first century,

and if it had been used in the intervening years and is still being used today,

then the "Secret of the Kingdom of LHM" - as taught to those around Jesus - was preserved and passed on.


But, this is clearly not the case. In spite of all that is written in the Four Gospels about Jesus and his teachings, Paul's letters are the foundation for Orthodox Christian doctrines and traditions. Paul admits that he distanced himself from the Apostles; he describes his gospel as "a revelation of Jesus,"

not "a revelation by Jesus, and he stresses the fact that it was not passed on to him by any "human source":

"I did not confer with any human being,

nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were already apostles before me..." (Gal 1:16-17).


Paul acknowledges that he met only briefly with Peter and James, Jesus' brother, the most important

two of "The Twelve" (Gal 1:11-24). He describes them as "super-apostles" and accuses them of being "false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ" (2 Cor 11:4-13). He even associates them with Satan (2 Cor 11:14-15). It's clear that Paul was angry at the Apostles.

But why?


Was he angry because he was not privy to the secret teachings available only to them and the others around Jesus - which included Mary Magdalene and JoAnna? Or was he angry because he didn't agree that women should be included in the "inner circle" or given access to the Secret?

It is well known that Paul forbid women to even speak in his churches (1 Cor 14:34-35).

Whatever the cause of his anger, it's clear that "the Secret of the Kingdom of LHM" could not have been passed on to Paul. Instead, he and his disciples followed along after the Apostles,

traveling to the churches already in existence:

"...I was still unknown by sight to the churches of Judea that are in Christ..."


And, he taught his version of Jesus, opposing the teachings of The Twelve including James:

"For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed,

or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received,

or a different gospel from the one you accepted,

you submit to it readily enough. 

For I consider myself not in the least inferior to the most eminent apostles" (2 Cor 11:4-5).


The "most eminent apostles," of course, were James, Peter, and John, and Paul clearly rejected them.


According to Jesus, the "Secret of the Kingdom of LHM" had to come from The Twelve or the others around him; therefore, Paul's adversarial teachings cannot be Jesus-approved and authentic.

Ironically, Paul identifies himself as the person from whom the secrets were hidden.


When viewed objectively and without preconceived notions about Paul, there is abundant biblical evidence that the "false prophet," the "wolf in sheep's clothing," successfully infiltrated the Nasarean movement and led the congregations astray.


Philo describes a method for interpreting scripture and attributes it to the Essene sect of Judaism. But Early Church Fathers - and those who came after them - embraced Paul's doctrines and his method of interpretation; they labeled Philo's method a "heresy." The Protestant Reformation rejected parts of Catholic doctrine and methodology but retained its position on Philo's Essene Method of biblical interpretation.

For many, it remains a heresy to this day.


So how can we possible find "The Secret of the Kingdom of LHM" that Jesus promised to keep from outsiders while preserving it for his true disciples?

The answer is quite simple: by fearlessly "Following Philo."


In fact, many "Secrets" are awaiting discovery in the Holy Bible. They are veiled in "enigmatical modes of expression." But, the good news is they can be found by those who have The Key and who fearlessly use it. Paul accused the "Super-apostles" James, Peter, and John, of serving Satan. These are the Apostles Jesus entrusted with "The Secret of the Kingdom of LHM." This false accusation is still used today to keep people trapped in the web of Paul's False Doctrines. To "Believers," we simply ask that you open your mind, dig deeply into your heart, consider what we have disclosed here, and allow the authentic Jesus to speak to you.

To scientists, skeptics, and scholars, we share this revelation: suspension of reason is no longer required to recognize and honor Jesus as "The Savior of the World" - not a "Vicarious Atonement Blood Sacrifice," but the primary source for a way of life that can save the world from destruction at the hands of its stewards.


Jesus represents the prophesied  "Ruler of Israel" (Micah 5:2-3). He was the "Nasi" of his generation (Gen 23:6; 49:26). Mary the Magdalene represents the prophesied "Daughter Jerusalem ... Watchtower of the Flock ... Redemptoris Mater" (Micah 4:8-10).  

More exciting, the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene are found hiding in plain sight in Rome where they successfully created "The Golden Age of Rome" and "The New Jerusalem."

The world has changed and the task is daunting, but the philosophy that created the Pax Romana in the first century can still work today. It only takes a paradigm shift in the minds of men and women.


Unfortunately, three hundred years after Jesus and Mary Magdalene's rousing success, Paul's supporters regained power. And in the late fourth century they set about to destroy all evidence of Philo's Method and The Secrets it reveals. They burned libraries and ancient texts that did not support Paul's corrupted and unapproved version of Jesus. What they couldn't destroy they buried.





Left: Plate by Giuseppe Vasi depicting the

Tower of Honorius, built c. 400 CE.

This massive structure was built during the time that Emperor Theodosius and his son Emperor Honorius were destroying "heretical" texts and temples throughout the Roman Empire.

The Tower's sole purpose was to forever hide the

Porta Maggiore and the Baker's Tomb.

But, why?




These two treasures, mysteriously buried beneath Honorius' Tower for more than fourteen hundred years, were uncovered in 1838 by Pope Gregory XVI.


Images: (left): https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Porta_Maggiore_030106.JPG; (right): http://www.bibleistrue.com/qna/mtolives7.jpg


"Rome's East Gate" (left), built during Claudius' reign

when the freedmen Narcissus and Pallas were his chief advisors (41-54),

closely resembles "Jerusalem's East Gate" were it not sealed shut.

Rome's East Gate is now known as the "Porta Maggiore."

(Note the damaged structure that partially blocks this ancient, most important entry into Rome.)



The damaged structure standing conspicuously in front of the Porta Maggiore, just outside the Aurelian Wall, is  the enigmatic "Baker's Tomb." A monument to bread, it stands unrecognized for the secrets it holds, awaiting acknowledgment as proof that Jesus the Nasarean and Mary the Magdalene

lived and served LHM for many decades.


Oh, by the way, in Aramaic and in Biblical Hebrew, the word for "bread" is LHM when rendered LaHMa (Aramaic) or LeHeM (Biblical Hebrew). Furthermore, LHM can also be rendered eLa Ha eM, which is translated, "Ela (Eli) the Mother." The word eLoHiM is traditionally translated incorrectly as "God." The iM suffix turns eLi/eLa into the plural. Elohim can only be correctly translated as "Gods." Those of us who've asked about this problem have been warned that we must simply ignore this uncomfortable fact. There is, they say, but ONE MALE GOD, and to suggest otherwise is a heresy.

The Nasarean and The Magdalene would advise us to reject this lie if we are truly seeking Their Truth.


Jesus and Mary Magdalene's previously unknown contributions to peaceful co-existence among all peoples is far more valuable for solving today's conflicts and crises than Paul's mythological Savior that most of humankind, including "Believers," find difficult to grasp and impossible to explain.

The extent of the efforts to hide Philo's Method and the evidence it produces convicts Church leaders - some knowingly, others unknowingly - of the actual heresy that delayed the return of

Jesus "The Nasi-rean" and Mary "The Magdalene."


We have done our best to resurrect Them from their ancient tomb,

a "House of Bread," Hebrew, BeT LeHeM.

We leave it to those who claim to love Them to decide if we've succeeded.


PaxAmoLux de Iesous et Maria Magdalene!



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