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Robert M. Price

Robert M. Price is a noted biblical scholar.

He has written numerous articles and popular books, including:

The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man,

The Amazing Colossal Apostle,

The Pre-Nicene New Testament

and More:

Have you ever looked up at a towering peak, shaken your head, and said to yourself, "I can't climb that!"? And then you walked away. Feeling guilty, you mutter, "But it would be a waste of time anyway!" Occasionally one finds a scholarly book that prompts the same reaction in the faint-hearted. Gott and Licht's is one of those books. Even a well-read biblical scholar may scan this book and find it too much of a challenge. And it is a great challenge, especially to cherished assumptions. One dislikes to have to go back to the drawing board; thus one may uneasily wave away a case, a book, that would require that. But this book, like Robert Eisenman's and Christian Lindtner's, challenges the imagination. It invites the reader to depart from habits of thought, theory, and reading. It may be that a new world awaits, in this case, a completely different way of reading ancient evidence, actually an ancient way which, though strange to us, may turn out to be more realistic, more appropriate, for texts written in an alien world of the past. One thing's for sure: if you're familiar with my work, you're going to think of me as the most retrograde of reactionaries when you're done with this one.


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