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Reveals the identities of the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The gospel writer Luke constructed a puzzle and left the clues; Josephus supplied the missing pieces that told the story and identified the participants by name. "Jesus" was a historical person with a spiritual message. He was also a mythological character created to serve as the Messiah for the Jews and the Dying-and-Resurrected God for the Greek, Romans, and Egyptians. Josephus' Jesus reveals the historical identity of the man who played the role of Jesus in the "First Annual Osiris-Passover Celebration." Also revealed is the identity of the historical person who played the role of Mary Magdalene.

The gospel writer Luke opened his two-volume "History of Christianity" (Luke-Acts) by addressing them to Most Excellent Theophilus.

Jewish historian Josephus opened his two-volume "History of the Jews" (Wars and Antiquities) by addressing them to Most Excellent Epaphroditus.

Theophilus and Epaphroditus intersect in Alexandria, Egypt, home of Philo the Alexandrian, a first century Pythagorean-Jew who used the adjective, Most Excellent, more than two hundred times in his essays promoting his religious philosophy, a blend of Mosaic Judaism and Greek philosophy. Most Excellent, Greek, Kratistos, identifies Luke, Josephus, and Philo as collaborators, assigned to preserve the Nazarene's Most Excellent and Sacred secrets.

Among Philo's many extant works are Rules for Allegory. Following these rules to identify and interpret allegory in the works of Luke and Josephus lead to the discovery of a History of Christianity that has never before been told. Included in the secrets hidden in their works are the identities of the Historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Both were descended from important Royal families prominent in the last half of the first century BCE and the first half of the first century ACE. The accumulated evidence proves their identities, and their lineage, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Josephus' Jesus: His Royal Blood and His Bride

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